The Categories



Best Sun Skin Protector
Oil or cream, for face or body, luxury or budget: keeping those rays at bay
Best Face
Cleansers, makeup removers, toners and exfoliators clearing our skin day after day
Skin Tool
Gadgets, tech or traditional, that deliver expert results at home
Best Body
Creams, oils, tanning products from shameless indulgences to results- focused staples
Best Facial Oil or Serum
Supercharged elixirs for all skin types, concerns and life stages
Best Bath and Shower Product
From scrubs to sponges, body washes to shower oils - what bathrooms were made for
Best Results-focused Skincare
Fine lines, blemishes,   pigmentation, sensitivity – solutions for modern life



Best Hair Wash Experience
The shampoos, conditioners and scalp care we buy on repeat
Best Hair-type Product
The washing and styling products tailored to every hair type and texture
Best Healthy Hair Saviour
Our locks have a lot to cope with - from colour to pollution, hormones to heat-styling
Best Hair Tool
Straighteners, driers, wands, detanglers - all the wonderful gadgets our mothers never had



The Gut Feeling Award
Restoring and maintaining optimum health and wellbeing from within
The V Care
Gadgets to grooming and everything in between. Down there care for all ages
The Stress-buster Award
From candles to eye masks and sleep drops. Things that make you go aaaaaaah


Best Luxury Fragrance
Open to all UK launches between 1 October 2018 and 1 October 2019
Best Popular Fragrance
Open to all UK launches between 1 October 2018 and 1 October 2019


The Back to
Base-ics Award
Foundations, primers, skin tints, CC creams, concealers: the building blocks of beauty
The Nail
Enhancer Award
For fingers, toes, hands and feet - everything that helps get that mani-pedi feeling
The Lip Lover
Lipsticks, balms, glosses, pencils, plumpers: creating the perfect pout
The Eye Opener Award
Liners, mascaras, brows, shadows, lashes: the eyes have it
The Glow-getter Award
Highlighting, contouring, defining, enhancing: stuff to make us really shine


Best Innovator
Bright ideas and breakthroughs in beauty and wellbeing that excite and innovate
The Diversity Game-changer 
Redefining perceptions, championing equality and inclusivity across the board
The Green and Serene Award
Successfully combining the power of mother nature with the utmost respect for the environment


The Editor's Choice
Indisputably the best of everything, nominated by GTG experts and editors, voted for by readers

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